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  • @Gerard Evans

    Aug 6 at 1:39PM

    Game on!

  • @Pinky and Debruyne

    Aug 6 at 1:46PM

    I’m winning it this year :)

  • @Fahmi Asnawi

    Aug 7 at 11:10PM

    Here we go!

  • @Torewest

    Aug 11 at 6:0AM

    I have joined Twitter just for this competition. I believe I have done what is needed to qualify for eventual premiums, but how do I know I have been approved? In the official FPL app the 5000pounds league appears under my team, but there is a stroke across the 5000 in the title of that league.

    @Will Thomas

    Aug 11 at 9:11AM

    Sounds like you’ve done everything correctly, Torewest. I’m not quite sure what you mean by stroke across the 5000 – not heard of that before?

  • @YorkshireExile

    Aug 11 at 2:39PM

    Signed up to hub mainly for this and other cash leagues. Never played fpl. Mind you hadn’t played fanteam until last year either. Need some beginners luck. Other formats I should go OK…

    @Will Thomas

    Aug 12 at 6:59AM


  • @Ahmed Moustafa

    Aug 12 at 1:38AM


    @Will Thomas

    Aug 12 at 7:0AM

    Good luck!

  • @patrick taufik

    Aug 12 at 6:39AM

    i already post on my ig story, but my FPL email and instagram email is different, is that okay?

    @Will Thomas

    Aug 12 at 7:0AM

    Yep, all good. We should be able to verify that if you win

    @patrick taufik

    Aug 12 at 7:8AM

    okay..thanks a lot..LETS GO !!!!!

  • @Liam Harris

    Aug 12 at 12:9PM

    Let’s go!

  • @Adam Griffiths

    Aug 13 at 4:24PM

    So I’ve retweeted and everything but how do I get the code? It’s not very clear how to get the code for any of the formats.

    @Will Thomas

    Aug 13 at 4:26PM

    Its in the article my friend 👍

    @Adam Griffiths

    Aug 13 at 4:42PM

    Ah I see it doesn’t actually show until your logged in.

  • @Alexander Wasti

    Aug 15 at 9:48PM

    How can I find the code I have shared to my story and I have registered an account

    @Will Thomas

    Aug 23 at 12:45PM

    Please read the article 👍

  • @Adi Kurniawan Sujatmiko

    Aug 18 at 9:17AM


  • @TorresViki

    Sep 10 at 5:3AM

    best wishes every one

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