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Fantasy Football Hub brings you the very best fantasy football players, writers, bloggers and content creators under one roof. We already have a brilliant group of contributors signed-up and will be bringing more on in the near future. Here is our team so far:

Why become an affiliate?

If you have a big following, you can earn a decent recurring revenue by becoming a fantasy football hub affiliate.

How does it work?

We have three levels of membership that range from £24 – £120 per year (monthly options also available).

If people sign up because of your link, you’ll get 30% recurring commission. The important part here is that it’s recurring for the lifetime of their membership.

Our lifetime value per subscriber is typically around £80 (of which you’ll net 30%). So an average new sign up will net you around £24.

Why do users sign up?

Users receive a lot of benefits. Here is a quick video that explains what they receive:

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