Best FPL Forwards For Gameweek 4 | Fantasy Premier League Tips 2021/22

Abdul Rehman | Tue 31 Aug 2021
best forwards gameweek 4 fpl


  • @Paul Rouse-Sampson

    Aug 31 at 7:0PM

    Great work as always. I just have 1 question for you and rhe sooner you answer the better lol. As if torres gets another price rise tomorrow I’m stuck.
    I’m thinking of swapping Bruno and Toney for torres and Ronaldo. Imo I will get more points from the the last 2 but also my over rank the last 3 years have been shiiiite 😂😂 please help a brother out 🙏🏽

    @Abdul Rehman

    Aug 31 at 7:11PM

    Potentially good moves if for free. Also wait until closer to deadline. I wouldn’t make any moves just now regardless of price changes.

    @Paul Rouse-Sampson

    Aug 31 at 7:53PM

    Yees they are I have 2 free transfers. My only worry would be that torres gets a 0.1 upgrade from now to the deadline then I can’t do the move.

    @Thomas Pottiez

    Sep 1 at 9:19AM

    Great article.

    How would you rate this move if it requires taking a hit? I am planning on doing Ings + Bruno => Ronaldo + Torres.

    Is taking a hit that disastrous?


    Aug 31 at 7:52PM

    Paul – I’d say YES if price rises/drops are an issue but I’m not the expert! :-)

    Abdul – Thanks for another great article! Can’t believe that Cristiano goes straight to the top of the Power Hub ratings having not played with his teammates yet but I guess it would have been the same if Messi had joined ManCity! Who do you think will be Ronaldo’s supply line in midfield (apart from Fernandes)?

    @Abdul Rehman

    Sep 1 at 9:35AM

    Thanks, Ronaldez.Yeh his record and pedigree speak for itself. I don’t think he will need anytime adjusting to the league or the physicality of it.


    Sep 7 at 3:42AM

    Hey Abdul, how do you rate Raul Jimenez? I had Wilson but looks like he’s out hence thinking about the swap.

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