Fantasy Football Gameweek 3 Tips and Team Reveals | Fergi

Fergi222 | Fri 27 Aug 2021
fantasy football gameweek 3 tips


  • @Lofty1

    Aug 27 at 8:21PM

    Thanks Andrew. Good article as always. TFF – Ronaldo huh…how to fit in Salah, Kane, Lukaku and now ROnaldo in one team…hmmmm. Think might have to spread them across our teams eh. Will you be keeping Antonio?

  • @RickyTip

    Aug 28 at 9:16AM

    Hi Andy :-)

    Good luck for the season mate.

    If you are going to make moves before the price rise would it be possible to post your article on Thursday please? Or even just post them on Twitter?

    Even if people don’t make the same transfers, it would be nice to have the option too and often because of the price rises, it’s a non starter come Friday.



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