Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Gameweek 1 – Best Captain

Chris_Tan | Thu 12 Aug 2021
fpl gameweek 1 captain


  • @ronaldez

    Aug 17 at 7:53PM

    Great to read the captain article again!

    Although it was even nicer to TC Salah for his haul at Norwich! ;-) I just had a hunch he would well with his summer rest + a very determined Liv team + the fact that he was going to play a Covid hit promoted team who hadn’t had a decent pre-season. I was a bit nervous at half time though!

    Just wanted to make a suggestion – I know you normally create a chart to keep a track of the predictions. Can you add one more column and just put the top scorer of the week there? I’m just curious to see what sort of players turn up on a weekly basis. Will it be a random guy every week or a high priced big hitter like Bruno?

    Thanks Chris, keep up the good work.

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