FPL Double Gameweek 22 Team Reveal | FPL Matthew

Matthew | Fri 14 Jan 2022
fpl double gameweek 22 team reveal

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  • @Big Burtha

    Jan 14 at 11:2AM

    Very nice Matthew thanks. The Madders move is obvious and one I made earlier in the week but I’m now interested in a -4 to get Liveramento out as I have other injuries all over not to mention Johnson looking to not feature again.

    But I’m really wandering why Sanchez doesn’t get the nod over the other two Spurs defenders for you? He’s getting double the points per match that Royal is, is nailed on, has better form and also 0.4 cheaper! What am I missing, as he’s who I am thinking of going for for my -4. Is it purely because he’s a centre?


    Jan 14 at 6:20PM

    Yeah I just prefer the full backs / wing backs generally

  • @americansoccernut

    Jan 14 at 2:5PM

    Thanks as always for the helpful analysis. How does the cancelation of the burnley game affect your decision on Maddison? I had planned to go for him as well until Burnley got canceled. I’m stuck with Salah AND Son!


    Jan 14 at 6:20PM

    See above!

  • @Hank1022

    Jan 14 at 2:7PM

    Have you gone through with the Mad move?


    Jan 14 at 6:20PM

    Nope. See above!

  • @Bencicm

    Jan 14 at 5:45PM

    Hi Matthew, I unfortunately already clicked the free hit button for this mess of a gameweek…who would you consider as the best option up front alongside Ronaldo?:

    a) Dennis/King
    b) DCL
    c) Maupay


    @Big Burtha

    Jan 14 at 5:55PM

    Dennis IMHO


    Jan 14 at 6:21PM

    Probably a – don’t ask me which though

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