FPL Double Gameweek 26 Team Reveal | Rich Clarke

@RichClarke | Fri 18 Feb 2022
FPL Gameweek 26 team reveal rich clarke

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  • @shwaini31@hotmail.com

    Feb 18 at 8:4PM

    Wonderful.. what a smart decision to move Jota and Ronaldo to Salah and Jimenez this evening before the price change.. but will there be a hit-4 ? Good luck to you Mr. Rich


    Feb 18 at 8:39PM

    possibly – but its more likely to be a -8 or nothing at all..

  • @Abhinav Shankar

    Feb 18 at 8:33PM

    Not tempted to wildcard this week? When are you planning your WC?


    Feb 18 at 8:39PM

    No way.. I like to plan that, far too short notice and a long way to go..

    @Abhinav Shankar

    Feb 19 at 8:17AM

    makes sense – considered Johnson out for a Wolves defender for a hit?

  • @Mohamed Naaish

    Feb 19 at 7:23AM

    Great article!
    If you have de gea and foster, would you take a -4 hit to get ramsdale for de gea and play foster in GW27? If not, then who would you play this GW between de gea and foster?


    Feb 19 at 9:17AM

    I’d play Foster

  • @FPL Man

    Feb 19 at 10:7AM

    What would you do with this team?

    Cancelo – Trent – Laporte
    Bowen – Bruno – Salah – Foden
    Dennis – Jimenez – Edouard

    Bench: DDG – Brownhill – Amartey – Johnson

    My main issue is no Arsenal + double City defence means that if Pep-roulette strikes, i only have Amartey who can come in (as Johnson doesn’t play).

    I can swap Johnson for e.g. Kilman, seems like the logical play or do you have any other suggestions?


    Feb 19 at 10:45AM

    pep should go near full stregth this week. I just got rid of Johnson for a doubler.. good week to do it..

  • @Ali Qasim

    Feb 19 at 10:7AM

    any update for final team rich ?


    Feb 19 at 10:44AM

    have posted it

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