FPL Blank Gameweek 27 Team Reveal | BigManBakar

bigmanbakar | Fri 25 Feb 2022
bigmanbakar team reveal blank gameweek 29

Win at Fantasy Football.

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  • @charlieclown

    Feb 25 at 9:23AM

    Most of the article is missing. Issues with the new website?

    @Raz Raslan

    Feb 25 at 12:56PM

    You just need to refresh and it’ll show. But yea, new website isn’t ideal so far


    Feb 25 at 1:13PM

    Ye really frustrating. If you move to another tab and come back too you also need to reload the page again.

    This should be basics on any developers checklist – dev team write you’re tests next time


    Feb 25 at 3:31PM

    Thanks – gave up with Safari – better in Chrome although still some issues.

  • @Inderpal Singh

    Feb 25 at 2:42PM

    I’m having trouble viewing the content on the FFH website.

  • @sdba33

    Feb 25 at 4:2PM

    I can barely use any of the content on the site ever since it’s last update. Data in the OPTA tables is also inaccurate, cross check with other sources before you make any decisions

  • @Stephen Amos

    Feb 26 at 5:48PM

    36 hours later, still can’t view it all.

  • @Mrstace7

    Feb 27 at 10:37PM

    App doesn’t work at all

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