FPL Double Gameweek 29 Team Reveal | FPL Matthew

Matthew | Fri 11 Mar 2022
fantasy premier league gameweek 30 fpl team reveal

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  • @Hank1022

    Mar 11 at 8:42PM

    Hi Matthew, for some reason I cannot see your article on the articles page on the website or even the homepage, I can only get here from the link off your tweet…

  • @Andy59

    Mar 11 at 9:11PM

    Hi Mathew no final news on last week’s captain but yet you changed without posting it on here not a happy bunny as lately there has been a few changes which have not been shown in your final post for which we are paying a subscription for


    Mar 11 at 9:35PM

    I agree with Andy. Happening so often now. Frustrating moving into the next gameweek and seeing a haul of points for a move that wasn’t revealed in the final post

    @Erik Tobiassen

    Mar 12 at 1:10AM

    I agree. And What about vice captain?


    Mar 12 at 2:9AM

    Make your own team, don’t copy other’s. That’s not what the subscription is for.

    @Alexander Saad

    Mar 12 at 10:12AM

    Agreed. I kept checking back waiting for an updated post for the captain. Team reveal means team reveal !


    Apr 1 at 10:38AM

    Hi Andy, sorry about that. Quite often I will say in my article that I haven’t decided on captain and that it will probably be a late call. In these cases there is often not time to publish an update to the article pre deadline. Plus, captaincy choice is the area where there is most luck involved really and it often comes down to a gut feel on the day of the deadline unless there’s an obvious captain, in which case I’ll just say that in the article.

  • @Monkeyboy2019

    Mar 12 at 6:15AM

    Think for yourself ! Captain picks can go either way . I had it on Raphina – FPL in a nut shell!


    Mar 17 at 8:57AM

    No I agree with @Andy59 here. My team is quite different from Matthew’s so it is not to copy but to at least hear the reasoning behind his choice.
    Likewise with any changes to transfers or team selections not added to the articles.

  • @Elephant321

    Mar 12 at 9:53AM

    Thanks Matthew – another enjoyable and insightful read. Best of luck with the gameweek

  • @Big Burtha

    Mar 14 at 10:35AM

    Hi Matthew,

    I only have 6 playing next week much like yourself.
    Is it time to use my last FH on 30 or better to field 7-8 this week?

    Current plan is…
    FH: 30
    WC: 33
    BB: 36



    Mar 14 at 12:37PM

    I’m going to stick with the plan and Free Hit this week – at least it’s a guaranteed benefit (pretty much) although I’ve got two FHs left. With one left there may be more of an argument to save but you’re weighing up benefit now vs unknown benefit later

    @Big Burtha

    Mar 14 at 1:21PM

    Great thanks for the reply. Do you think you’ll grace us with your team reveal before Friday night? Would be good to actually see your thoughts on the FH before the price rises.

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