FPL Gameweek 1 Team Reveal & Learnings – FINAL | Rich Clarke

@RichClarke | Thu 12 Aug 2021
FPL Gameweek 1 team reveal


  • @Firetog

    Aug 1 at 11:0AM

    Great post, looking forward to part 2 and your insights throughout the season.


    Aug 2 at 9:59AM

    Thanks – hoping for a week where some enablers emerge!

  • @Lofty1

    Aug 1 at 5:35PM

    Nice introductory article Rich. I like the narrative to your thinking and focus on process (which we can influence) rather than outcomes (which we can’t influence, unless we play for a Premier League team whilst reading your articles). Look forward to part 2 of this. Cheers Simon


    Aug 2 at 10:0AM

    That’s really nice feedback Simon, thanks a lot.

  • @zmazhar

    Aug 10 at 10:21PM

    Will you be posting your team every week with the confirmed changes before each deadline?


    Aug 12 at 4:40PM

    I’ll be aiming to share my thoughts and plans, but my main aim in FPL is to do well with my team. Sometimes there is a time lag between writing and publishing, and late team news means not all changes will be made to my reveal in time. As said before, team reveals are not ‘confirmed changes’ as anyone can make a transfer with seconds remaining!


    Aug 12 at 8:9PM

    Fair enough!

  • @Ali AlMakhmary

    Aug 12 at 9:15AM

    Thank you for this great article, Buendia is not injured ?


    Aug 12 at 4:42PM

    He’s got a knock – I’m waiting on team news for Villa and may reinstate him if he’s deemed fit to play.. he’s good value and not out of my thinking at all

  • @Honourvolley

    Aug 12 at 7:16PM

    Nice article Rich. Good to hear your thoughts. How close is the decision to play Raph over Coufal for GW1?

  • @@RichClarke

    Aug 12 at 7:17PM

    Thanks. I think Raphinha is the sort of player who can deliver returns in any game – part of his attraction. Coufal is away and I can see Wilson getting something, so the clean sheet is unlikely – but decent first sub while we enjoy Tsimikas-fest!

  • @Vigfus Anderson

    Aug 12 at 9:25PM

    Very interesting article!

  • @Richard Piano

    Aug 13 at 12:39AM

    Thanks rich, great article! What’s your thoughts on son/why is he not in your gw1 plans?


    Aug 13 at 10:0AM

    He’s in my thoughts for week 3 – just with playing City 1st and without the support of Kane (potentially) I think theres better starts available.

  • @Yash Dalmia

    Aug 13 at 8:51AM

    Amazing article. Love the team as well. Over the season, when you make transfers do you post on Twitter/Hub or do we just get to see your final team for the GW?


    Aug 13 at 10:1AM

    Thanks . I do a weekly reveal article, normally published on a Friday with the transfer plans and strategy shared. I aim to tweet more this year, but will keep my reveals for Hub members

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