FPL Gameweek 12 Best Captain – Fantasy Premier League Tips

Chris_Tan | Tue 16 Nov 2021
fpl gameweek 12 best captain


  • @ronaldez

    Nov 19 at 6:46PM

    Hi Chris,
    Hope you enjoyed the time off over the international break…
    as we now go into the crazy 10GW run!

    If you owned Salah & Ronaldo, would you (c) the latter over the former?
    I look at those predicted points and think maybe just maybe…

    That’s my headache of the week!


    Nov 19 at 8:21PM

    Hi Ronaldez,

    It was a welcome break, now it’s time for carnage!

    I personally would go Salah over Ronny because I trust Liverpool more than United. Also, Salah gets more points for a goal, CS and is on pens. He rarely blanks and his EO will be high.

    However, if you feel that your chasing a bit from an OR pov, I don’t hate it.

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