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Matthew | Fri 10 Dec 2021
FPL Gameweek 16 Team


  • @Sonny Sahota

    Dec 7 at 10:44PM

    Hi Matt,

    Great read.

    Is a points hit in consideration this week? Or is that an absolute non starter?

    Dec 8 at 7:49AM

    Thanks Sonny. Yes, a hit for all three moves is an option for me

  • @americansoccernut

    Dec 8 at 2:21AM

    Ronaldo for Kane sounds good. Is there also an argument for saving money on Ronaldo and upgrading one of your bench players and upgrading one of your midfielders? I worry that Covid seems to picking up steam in the UK, and will add to the usual holiday rotations, which are already on top of the usual injury risks. I’ve used two bench players during both gameweek 15 and 16 (probably) due to Toney and Son getting covid on top of a couple of other injuries.


    Dec 9 at 4:27PM

    Update to the thought above – Leicester is now rumored to have lots of covid cases. I’d guess that that match is now at risk as well? Is this an arugument for not only spreading around our dollars amongst players, but also having those players play on different teams as well, to the extent possible? I don’t think I’ll get rid of an of my three Liverpool players, but certainly I’ll switch one of my two Brighton players (sanchez to ramsdale since i don’t have an active bench keeper). Maybe I overthinking this?

  • @Steven Ansty

    Dec 8 at 6:17AM

    Given Kane’s poor form, and the potential for Spurs’ game being postponed (nothing definitive at this stage but discussions ongoing according to reports), I’d be tempted by a -4 to do all 3 transfers, Matt.

  • @Hank1022

    Dec 8 at 6:4PM

    For me Kane to Cris is the most obvious one, even if the Spurs match wasnt postponed, the amount of absent quality players like Son and Lucas could make it more difficult for Spurs/Kane to score… Brighton also have a weakened defence but usually the gap between starter and bench isnt that big in those clubs


    Dec 9 at 8:5PM

    No brainer now!

  • @Big Burtha

    Dec 9 at 3:20PM

    Dennis, Ronaldo, Bowen for -4 looks like great value to me!
    I already have Dennis and got Ronaldo before the inevitable price rises earlier in the week with my 1FT. I’m tempted to a go Bowen for a -4 myself. I think City rotation makes them out of the question.


    Dec 9 at 8:5PM

    I dunno, I’m still tempted but, yeah, Bowen is also a good choice

  • @Elephant321

    Dec 9 at 7:54PM

    Thanks Matthew – with the Spurs European game and match this weekend vs Brighton suspended do your think you will pull the trigger on the Kane -> Ronaldo?


    Dec 9 at 8:6PM


  • @Stir

    Dec 10 at 6:11PM

    Assuming you make the late hit, how much in the bank would you have remaining?

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