FPL Gameweek 18 Team Reveal | FPL Salah

Abdul Rehman | Sat 18 Dec 2021
FPL Gameweek 38 Team Reveal


  • @Lofty1

    Dec 18 at 5:8AM

    Thanks for the article Abdul. Nice moves and smart idea to hold pending more information on what is an ever changing situation. W might well even end up having triple game weeks! Who knows,.,,all the best for your team (at this rate we could all be having 5 a-side teams instead ha ha). Cheers Simon B

  • @Jserien

    Dec 18 at 8:25AM

    Hi, from Ben Crellin’s pov, WHU is unlikely to have a DGW before a long time. What source is telling you that Antonio might have a DGW ?

  • @Jed

    Dec 18 at 9:50AM

    Have a similar lineup to you. Have you been considering Alonso and Toney out for Cash and Watkins for a – 4? Would quite like to have Watkins but don’t like losing Alonso.

  • @for93

    Dec 18 at 12:44PM

    No cash / target means white will get in 😂

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