FPL Gameweek 18 Team Reveal | Rich Clarke

@RichClarke | Fri 17 Dec 2021
Rich Clarke team reveal gameweek 18


  • @Mike108uk

    Dec 17 at 8:1PM

    If you only had 8 players and 1 TF would you still have the same view about removing the likes of Antonio and those who don’t have a fixture but have ok medium term games? I.e when does lack of numbers overrule the good medium term fixtures argument?


    Dec 17 at 9:48PM

    Hi Mike, I think the decision is team / numbers dependent. I empathise that this looks very different when faced with many players without a fixture this week.
    I would say if I had 8 and 1 FT, I’d definitely use the FT and probably look at a single hit for a player I want long term and go with 10 this week. I hope that helps?

  • @Pradeep Bharadhwaj

    Dec 17 at 10:54PM

    Salah is probably the safer option for Captain this week. What do you think of Foden as an alternative option? Worth considering?


    Dec 18 at 12:51PM

    Not really, maybe a vice captain, but I’d go with a Saturday chap the way things are going..

  • @ezzamiellias

    Dec 18 at 1:59AM

    I have bernardo.. should i change to foden?


    Dec 18 at 12:52PM

    No – not this week. Bernardo is fit

  • @MacGonsalves

    Dec 18 at 2:55AM

    Hi Rich… Matt Targett doesnt seem like a regular starter to me.. how do you see that, do you think he’ll play week in week out? although he seems to be a good budget buy..


    Dec 18 at 12:52PM

    Not any more Mac – hope you held that transfer..?


    Dec 18 at 1:16PM

    I did hold that transfer yeah…im playing with 10 men and rolling the free transfer..

  • @Lofty1

    Dec 18 at 3:39AM

    As always an excellent article and greatly enjoyed your guest appearance on the most recent Green Arrow episode. I liked your phrase “patience is the 4th chip we are given, and it is down to use to decide whether to apply it or not” or something like that. Indeed sit tight with our teams, as long as they are structurally sound. Thanks Rich and all the best for the weekend game (p.s. Match of the day is going to be exactly that ha ha).


    Dec 18 at 12:55PM

    Thanks Simon. I think I said: Patience is the extra chip we are all given but so few of us use it effectively’ – it gets a bit twisted, but the gist is – wait for news.. wait for returns etc. Millions still making early Villa moves this week and look what happened..

  • @MacGonsalves

    Dec 18 at 12:6PM

    Hi Rich… have u decided on using the second transfer?


    Dec 18 at 12:55PM

    of course.. deadline now 4pm, will likely move at 3.59..


    Dec 18 at 12:56PM

    sorry of course not..the situation is so fluid that all tomorrows games could still be called off, I think we’ll get a pause now TBH..

  • @shwaini31@hotmail.com

    Dec 18 at 2:52PM

    Hi Rich, I think that I will not take any risks in this round and will keep two transfers for the next round, as the current situation is unstable 😓


    Dec 18 at 3:58PM

    Lacazette in last minute for Watkins!


    Dec 18 at 4:0PM



    Dec 18 at 4:5PM

    Thanks for sharing this move, I was about to do it, but like I said it’s scary now, I wish you the best Rich

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