FPL Gameweek 24 Team Reveal | FPL Matthew

Matthew | Mon 07 Feb 2022
Gameweek 24 fpl team reveal

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  • @Hank1022

    Feb 7 at 10:56AM

    Hello Matt,,
    Aren’t you tempted to get KdB for the next 2 City fixtures?


    Feb 7 at 1:22PM

    Hi Hank, hope you’re well. I’d love KDB this week – he’d be a good captain too. But it would mean losing Bruno and/or Ronaldo a week ahead of their double which I’m not going to do

  • @Big Burtha

    Feb 7 at 4:10PM

    If you were handed a second transfer burning a hole in your pocket right now, which move would you make this week in preparation for your upcoming transfers next week?


    Feb 7 at 6:35PM

    At this point in time, maybe Livramento to Dalot

  • @Mohamed Naaish

    Feb 7 at 5:1PM

    Hello Matt
    who would you prefer for the next two GW
    Rashford, Foden or Sterling?


    Feb 7 at 6:36PM

    Probably Rashford due to the extra game

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Feb 7 at 5:53PM

    Hi matt, some advice please who would yiu transfer in as a budget enabler between RAMSEY and ELANGA?


    Feb 7 at 6:36PM

    It sort of depends which weeks you might want to play them but if purely for back up, Ramsey as he’s more nailed


    Feb 7 at 7:49PM

    Thanks was thinking longer term rather than just for Double gameweek, so Ramsey it is

  • @Lofty1

    Feb 7 at 6:32PM

    Thank yu Matthew for the time in writing this really interesting article. I liked the little table quick analysis of your appriasal of ‘buy/hold/sell’ players from various teams. All the best for your team ahead (yes it’s a tricky one to Salah or not for now. Personally given he’s played 4 extra time games in such a short space of time I hunch its time for his slippers, the newspaper, and cup of tea to pop his feet up for a while and rest. Back in couple of weeks). Cheers Simon


    Feb 7 at 6:37PM

    I’m hoping you’re right! Cheers

  • @americansoccernut

    Feb 8 at 12:14AM

    Love the table – its a great way to simplify and think about the options. This season has given me a big (but fun) headache.

  • @Big Burtha

    Feb 11 at 9:20AM

    I’m interested to know why you favour using FH’s on Blank GWs rather than DGW’s. I’m thinking you would make more points over the 2 with playing it on a DGW unless you can field 7+ doublers already without hits. Is it because you have planned far more than I have and discovered your team is better suited due to specific teams playing in the blanks.

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