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Matthew | Wed 15 Sep 2021
FPL Matthew's Team Reveal Gameweek5

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  • @Simon Rothwell

    Sep 15 at 12:24PM

    Thanks Matthew would be interested on your view on two of your players.

    I’ve got Greenwood and am tempted with this weeks free transfer to move him to Jota.

    I have no other pressing issues and I just think Jota offers more upside over the medium term. Firmino is obviously a concern but I think Jota maybe gets minutes against the weaker teams once he’s back anyway.


    Sep 15 at 7:19PM

    I think both Greenwood and Jota are both great picks, with some risk – but probably worth the risk. I think that Greenwood will gradually become more of a risk as time goes on, with Cavani returning and then Rashford at some point. Liverpool do look better than United at the moment so that could be a decent move

  • @Hank1022

    Sep 15 at 7:3PM

    Thanks for the quick update and great insights, just surprised that you don’t have any defenders in your wishlist, you must be very happy with your lot! I would’ve definitely eyed the poor man’s Trent (Semedo) who’s numbers are off the roof, and also facing kind fixtures on paper…

    Also aren’t you thinking of bumping up Ayling into your starting eleven this GW with a good shotout for a CS and maybe even more?


    Sep 15 at 7:17PM

    Its not that I don’t fancy any other defenders, its also quite team-specific, i.e. as I’m reasonably happy with my defence at the moment (Shaw could do with keeping a CS or two!) and no one is screaming out, I haven’t included anyone. But, yes, Semedo does look a good choice at the moment, also Marcal of course and, in a couple of weeks no doubt I will look at Chelsea defence. I would also quite like a City defender…

  • @Conrad Lea

    Sep 15 at 10:19PM

    I can’t see your team reveal am I doing something wrong?


    Sep 16 at 3:21PM

    you need to log in to view the complete article and team reveal.

  • @k.wolf

    Sep 16 at 5:43PM

    I have the same debate, Dennis or Ayling? Are you 100% on Dennis?


    Sep 16 at 7:36PM

    I am

  • @Monkeyboy2019

    Sep 16 at 10:43PM

    Would TAA (c) tempt you ?

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