FPL Gameweek 6 Captain – Is Ronaldo the Best Choice?

Chris_Tan | Mon 20 Sep 2021
the best FPL captain Gameweek 6


  • @Lofty1

    Sep 20 at 8:14PM

    Thanks Chris. I enjoy the different perspective you take on things. Gives food for thought when making decisions. Cheers


    Sep 20 at 8:17PM

    Thanks Lofty1, GL for the Gameweek!

  • @Richard Piano

    Sep 20 at 10:15PM

    Another great article. This is one of my favorites on Hub. One question though, Leeds are home against West Ham this week right? So their away from home defensive record you point out isn’t really relevant or am I misreading?


    Sep 21 at 8:56AM

    Good spot Richard, temporary brain fart! I’ve updated the article to reflect the change, but it doesn’t massively impact on anything, as their form for this season outweighs last. However, the fact that he is playing away may push me back towards Ronaldo…

  • @Pingving

    Sep 24 at 9:58AM

    Salah is now 2nd on the point prediction tool which would add one point to him and break the tie. Made it easier for me even though the difference is in the prediction tool is nothing tbh hahah


    Sep 24 at 10:12AM

    Oooh nice. It’s always tough backing a forward over a midfielder as they’re likely to be 2 points up with the CS and goal point. Although it kinda balances out when you factor in bonus. For me personally it’s looking like Ronaldo, as I prefer home games but I want to go Antonio.

  • @DaniSRB

    Sep 25 at 9:33AM

    Hey Chris, any chance you can share the old version of the conclusion table with your next post? I really like the previous starts and goals/assists comparison against opponent. Cheers!


    Sep 25 at 9:56AM

    Sure, the only reason I excluded it this week because the main options didn’t have any real history against their opposition.

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