FPL Gameweek 8 Strategy – Using FPL Points as a Metric – Review so far and Wildcard Plans

RichP_FPL | Fri 15 Oct 2021
fpl gameweek 8 wildcard strategy

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  • @Lofty1

    Oct 14 at 6:3PM

    Thanks Rich. A really good article about using the data to guide our decisions. Brentford players being pr8me example. I keep saying to myself, wait til Christmas til I have more date. Maybe should trust my own judgment l8ke you?


    Oct 15 at 11:29AM

    Cheers Lofty. Always the risk that you wait too long, but I know what you mean. I didn’t trust Brentford or Everton and that’s bitten me, so I’m going to be a bit braver now 😂

  • @Nonnyfransix

    Oct 16 at 2:57AM

    This is my most valuable article on the hub. Very well done


    Oct 16 at 7:30AM

    Thank you, appreciate that

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