FPL Strategy | Using FPL Points as a Metric – Gameweek 2 Team

RichP_FPL | Thu 19 Aug 2021
fpl strategy gameweek 2

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  • @Lofty1

    Aug 20 at 9:26PM

    Thanks Rich. I find this article mos helpful – in the same way that Carl’s algorithm does. It is helpful to know what the data is pointing towards. Always mindful, though, that the data is historic as only has a degree of predictive validity – hence the utility of cross-checking against the excellent Hub prediction tool. Looking forward to more articles in this season as the season unfurls. All the best for this gameweek. Cheers


    Aug 20 at 9:56PM

    Cheers Lofty! I was on FPL Surgery this week and said on there that I use this as just one of a few things when considering players to bring in etc. Like you say, historical data isn’t fully predictive of what’s to come! But off to a good start! Thanks for reading mate.


    Aug 21 at 2:14AM

    Cheers Rich. This is why I appreciate and value articles like this. Helpful in casting the net wider to gain differing perspectives. Good to guard against our own in built biases. Thanks for the article and look forward to more. Cheers

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