FPL Winner Gameweek 1 Team Reveal | Michael Coone

Michael Coone | Fri 13 Aug 2021
fpl winner team reveal gameweek 1


  • @Will Thomas

    Aug 12 at 6:8PM

    Excellent stuff Michael. Very insightful

  • @Lfcchris72

    Aug 12 at 6:33PM

    This going to be a weekly thing or just a gw1 team reveal?


    Aug 12 at 9:18PM

    He won’t be doing this every week unlike others.

    @Adam Curtis

    Aug 13 at 12:5PM

    Why? You want to copy his team lol


    Aug 13 at 3:5PM

    I have my own mind buddy. Would ne good to follow though to see how he goes on. Very unlikely hes gonna win 2 years in a row. 😃

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