Top 100 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

Abdul Rehman | Thu 01 Jul 2021
the best fantasy football team names


  • @Lofty1

    Jul 29 at 6:44PM

    Good stuff Abdul…now to select a name eh. Cheers for this

    @Abdul Rehman

    Jul 30 at 12:10AM

    Cheers Lofty. I dont have that trouble as I am a ‘loyalist’ haha

  • @ronaldez

    Aug 12 at 10:9PM

    You can now report ‘the chancer!’ using the ‘Report Offensive Name’ button on the site! I wonder if there are any stories of friendships being lost via this!

    (I’m a ‘Special One’ but literally no-one has ever come up to me in awe of my team name!)

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