Ian Parrin’s Sky Sports Fantasy Football Planner – 2021/2022 Season May Fixtures Update

Ian Parrin | Fri 18 Feb 2022
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  • @Ian Parrin

    Sep 15 at 7:2AM

    Hope you guys find it useful, and if there are any queries just fire away.

    I do have the good fortune to be away this week, however holiday resort Internet is better than it used to be!

    @Will Thomas

    Sep 15 at 4:2PM

    Thanks Ian. Super useful resource for Sky managers

    @Mohamed Medani

    Jul 31 at 9:1AM

    This is super useful tool. What an effort !
    Just have small inquiry; how to update value in AP and Player by cost sheets ?

    @Ian Parrin

    Aug 1 at 1:3PM

    Glad you’re finding it useful Mohamed. I’ll be doing an update once the transfer window has closed, then regularly when fixtures change for TV and/or Europe.

    @Paul Heaton

    Jan 9 at 9:19AM

    Not really sure how to work it on my Mac. Been trying for the last couple of months

    @Will Thomas

    Jan 9 at 7:35PM

    Posted by: Paul Heaton

    Not really sure how to work it on my Mac. Been trying for the last couple of months

    Hi @horaceheatonjnr, I use this on my Mac. What are you struggling with exactly? Are you using excel?


    Jul 28 at 7:54PM

    Hi Ian could you possibly email this to me. Does not load for me on iPad. Just opens in web browser.


    Jul 31 at 6:35PM

    Hi Ian, thanks for the planner. I cannot input the players in B14-24, any idea why?

  • @Hornet

    Sep 15 at 7:4AM

    Excellent resource again, Ian. Gets you organised and this is perfect for planning ahead. Transfer count always seems to drop too quickly though…..! Many thanks for your time and effort getting this together.

  • @Paul Jones

    Sep 15 at 3:43PM

    Love this toolkit, Ian. Was lucky enough to have access to it last year and it became increasingly essential as the season progressed. Made navigating that ridiculous TV schedule over the final weeks so much easier.

    Given how this year has started with the Friday and Monday night games, can see this being vital from the off for me so thanks for posting it.

  • @Dan Cox

    Sep 16 at 10:3PM

    Ian that is a fantastic bit of kit. very, very clever.

  • @Ian Parrin

    Sep 25 at 10:17PM

    Provisional attacking line-up for November 19th, having used only 6 transfers thus far to get there:

    Antonio (C)


    Note: 2 players (Sanchez being one) will have already been transferred in/out from this front seven.

    Guesses to the other player (he hasn’t been in my side so far) in the the replies box :)


    Oct 1 at 10:41AM

    Nice line-up and planning, Ian. Jesus now for Aguero, although his ribs might heal for a re-think by Nov 19th. I’m guessing Vardy is the in/out hokey-cokey man??!!

    @Ian Parrin

    Oct 1 at 11:39AM

    Spot on ?

  • @Hornet

    Oct 9 at 11:8PM

    Thanks for update, Ian. Lots to think about this week!

    @Ian Parrin

    Oct 9 at 11:41PM

    Plan It Sky – Octoberfest article out tomorrow Hornet. Hopefully some ideas to help you out!


    Oct 18 at 9:23AM

    cheers….City players headache now…..rotation the main problem!

  • @Ian Parrin

    Oct 10 at 7:15PM

    Now looking at this front 8 on November 26th, having just used 5 transfers to get there:


    Sanchez A

    Only 2 matches where I won’t have had an attacking captain in that period.

    Jamie Vardy is the player that will have been and gone.

    @Ian Parrin

    Oct 11 at 7:20PM

    Or this with 7, if Aguero and Pogba are back:

    de Bruyne


  • @Henry Beadle

    Nov 23 at 7:47PM

    No chance of a Google Docs version of this?

  • @Ian Parrin

    Jan 17 at 9:16PM

    Hi everyone,

    Just to let you know that I will be doing the next update in a couple of weeks: after the transfer window has closed.

    The reason for the hiatus can now be explained: one of my sons had a double lung transplant on Christmas Eve (the best Christmas present anyone has ever had!) He is recovering well in hospital, with the medics seemingly extremely happy with his progress so far :)

    Hope all your #SkyFF 2018s have started as well as my personal new year!



  • @Ian Parrin

    Feb 10 at 3:1PM

    Updated with new players and March fixtures :)

    @Will Thomas

    Feb 11 at 8:22AM

    Thanks Ian. Super useful as always


    Sep 3 at 10:2AM

    Hello Ian, would I be correct in thinking the spreadsheet only accessible through a laptop or pc? Just can’t seem to enter any data into cells using my phone?  Thanks. C

    @Ian Parrin

    Sep 3 at 9:11PM

    Good question C.
    As I only ever use excel on a laptop, I have no idea whether this has always been the case or whether it is something new? In the couple of years this spreadsheet has been around, it’s also the first time anyone has asked that question!
    I’ll see if I can find out and let you know.
    Cheers Ian

  • @Ian Parrin

    Mar 29 at 7:24PM

    Updated with April’s DGW and BGW fixtures.

  • @Ste H

    Jul 29 at 4:12PM

    This is quality

    @Ian Parrin

    Jul 29 at 7:54PM

    Cheers Ste, hope you find it useful :)

  • @chilli winter

    Jul 29 at 7:45PM

    Great spreadsheet, thank you, will you be updating after transfer deadline ? I see Richarlison is still a Watford player at mo.

    @Ian Parrin

    Jul 29 at 7:54PM

    Thanks CW,

    Yes will be updating after the window closes, and also when fixtures are moved for Europe and TV :)

  • @Barry

    Aug 2 at 2:35PM

    Hi Ian, what I’ve been told about this tool is one of the main reasons I’ve signed up here, thanks! Quick question, in your Kane AI24 example it says rows 28-32 should change automatically but the transfer remaining row (31) remained at 40. Is this a small glitch or just something that doesn’t kick in until the season starts?

    @Ian Parrin

    Aug 2 at 7:25PM

    Hi Barry,

    I think this must be a glitch. I will check over the weekend (as I’m off to Edgbaston tomorrow!) – and get back to you.



    @Ian Parrin

    Aug 4 at 3:15PM

    Hi Barry,

    As I thought, just a glitch.

    I have now included an example and a download on the thread.

    I will be updating both when fixtures change for TV or Europe.

    Any questions let me know and good luck for the season :)



  • @Benjamin Surman

    Aug 9 at 6:7PM

    Hi Ian, do you have a user guide to this great tool please?

    @Ian Parrin

    Aug 9 at 6:16PM

    Hi Benjamin, pretty much everything you need to do is explained in the introduction above, If you need help on anything particular, drop me a PM and I’ll help as much as possible :)

    @Benjamin Surman

    Aug 9 at 6:24PM

    All good Ian, thank you.

  • @wylecoyote

    Aug 10 at 8:53AM

    Hi Guys ,new to the site where can you download the guide ?
    Thanks ,

    @Will Thomas

    Aug 10 at 9:43AM

    Welcome to the site Wylecoyote. Which guide are you talking about?

    If you mean Ian’s planning sheet, it’s the link at the bottom of his post (you’ll need to be a paying member to view it).



  • @Ian Parrin

    Aug 11 at 10:28AM

    Now updated after the August transfer window closed.

    @Will Thomas

    Aug 12 at 11:0AM

    Thanks Ian!

  • @Daznvern

    Aug 13 at 6:44PM

    Hi all.Im a new member. When theres a new update.  Do i just download it and put my current team in week 1 and amount of transfers left each time its updated.  

    @Ian Parrin

    Aug 13 at 7:14PM

    Hi Daz or Vern or both!

    When the spreadsheet is updated the instructions will be too. Trust me, all will be very clear when it happens

    Hope you’re finding it useful :)



  • @Daznvern

    Aug 13 at 8:35PM

    Loving it thank you. 

  • @Hornet

    Aug 14 at 9:25PM

    Thanks again, Ian. Always try to get organised and start planning with this.

  • @gaz3376

    Aug 15 at 12:39PM

    This is great! Richarlison is down as Watford by the way.

    @Ian Parrin

    Aug 15 at 9:37PM

    Updated :)

  • @Mark Edworthy

    Aug 22 at 8:18PM

    I have decided to use this with earnest this season after using it lightly last season.. Have I got the wrong lin or is it still to be updated for theOctober fixtures?

    Already Overhaul planning see

    @Ian Parrin

    Aug 22 at 8:41PM

    I’ve done the basics already – just waiting to see if next week’s Champions League draw will mean further changes to the Matchday schedules.

    @Ian Parrin

    Sep 2 at 12:11PM

    All updated Mark :)

  • @Mooresyside

    Aug 25 at 8:51AM

    Hi guys is it to late to start using this spread sheet now?

    @Ian Parrin

    Aug 25 at 9:17AM

    You can start with it any time you like. If you’re planning to begin today, then put your team into cells AC14-AC21 and remaining transfers in AC31. Good luck  ? 


    Aug 26 at 10:29AM

    Cheers, gonna give it a go from next week onwards. Poor weekend for everyone so far it looks like

    @Dan Cox

    Aug 30 at 1:56PM

    its never too late

  • @gaz3376

    Aug 27 at 12:6PM

    This is great! Richarlison is down as Watford by the way.

  • @Ian Parrin

    Aug 30 at 9:49PM

    Have done a quick change for the BUR v MNU fixture, and will be doing a full update when the Champions Leagues fixtures are announced.

  • @Will Thomas

    Sep 3 at 9:41PM

    Posted by: maccarfc

    Hello Ian, would I be correct in thinking the spreadsheet only accessible through a laptop or pc? 

    Just can’t seem to enter any data into cells using my phone? 


    Thanks. C

    Hi @maccarace9, you can access it if you get the Excel app. It’s not as easy to use as on PC, but still possible. Hope this helps ?

  • @TriXaM

    Sep 4 at 11:34AM

    Thanks for such a useful resource Ian, just started using it now ready for my post-overhaul team; along side Carl’s algorithm I feel like I stand a chance of recovering my awful position now! :lol: Just for info, while getting to grips with the spreadsheet, I noticed that Wolves fixture count isn’t counting down correctly on the “Fixtures” tab, they’re busy doing nothing on 38 fixtures for the rest of the season! :grin: Thanks again!

    @Ian Parrin

    Sep 4 at 9:18PM

    Thanks @trixam sorted now :smile:

  • @Ian Parrin

    Sep 4 at 7:47PM

    Hi @paulcaffrey5

    Once you click on the link it should download. You can then open it up in excel to input your team.

    Hope this helps :smile:


  • @Will Thomas

    Sep 5 at 7:47PM

    Posted by: Paulcaffrey5

    Thanks Ian appreciate the help, would it be possible if you could reply to me a link so I can just click on it having trouble clicking the link sorry to be a pain

    Hi @paulcaffrey5, you can’t see the link as you’re no longer a member. Please resubscribe using the link on Ian’s post to gain access to his planner. Thanks, Will

  • @Will Thomas

    Sep 5 at 7:57PM

    No worries @paulcaffrey5. Be sure to use the link on Ian’s post to register as that will support him. Or use code PARRIN at checkout (this will also give you 24-hour free access) ? 


    Sep 5 at 8:10PM

    Thanks for putting all this together Ian. Big appreciation here.

  • @Oli Poole

    Sep 5 at 11:24PM

    Hi Ian, trying to open this in Google Drive as I don’t have Excel. It doesn’t want to open as it’s ‘too large’. Do you know any workarounds or alternatives, please? Many thanks!

    @Ian Parrin

    Sep 6 at 7:3PM

    Hi @olipoole I have trimmed away anything unnecessary and can now open the current link in Google Drive. Have a try and let me know how you get on? Cheers :smile:

    @Oli Poole

    Sep 7 at 11:2PM

    Works a treat! Many thanks :)

  • @Hornet

    Sep 6 at 9:10PM

    Hi IanWould you be able to update that Spurs/Man City fixture to the Monday night slot? cheers 

    @Ian Parrin

    Sep 6 at 9:31PM

    Done :smile:

    @chilli winter

    Nov 5 at 3:53PM

    Hi, thanks for this, not sure the January fixtures are right, but helpful up until then, cheers

  • @FPL Kangaroo

    Oct 19 at 11:38PM

    Hi Ian, thanks again for latest update but I have noticed a slight issue…it appears your COUNTIF & COUNTA formulas didn’t extend forward from Friday 7 December 2018 onwards at bottom of the Playing tab(i.e. the “Playing” tab – cells GA64 & GB64 etc).

    And I think you need to swap the NEW – WLV(Sat 8th Dec) fixture with the LEI-TOT(9th Dec 2018) match on the “Sky Transfer Plan” tab..

  • @Ian Parrin

    Nov 7 at 7:42PM

    All done  ? 

  • @jplewes

    Feb 4 at 12:9AM

    This is great. It’s a minor thing but  I noticed the orange highlights for players playing seem a bit messed up on this update?Still really useful! [attach]168[/attach]

    @Ian Parrin

    Feb 4 at 7:47PM

    I’m doing a transfer window and March fixtures update this week, so will take a look.


    Feb 5 at 12:21PM

    Awesome – will be really useful for the overhaul. Thanks!

  • @Lee Giles

    Feb 7 at 7:50PM

    Does this work on a apple ipad? I can view it but can’t seem to add any info myself

    @Ian Parrin

    Feb 7 at 8:16PM

    As long as you access via the excel app it should. Not as easy as on a PC, but you’ll be able to get by.

  • @PalaceDean

    Jul 9 at 5:30PM

    Can’t seem to add Tielemans or Diogo Jota?

    @Ian Parrin

    Jul 9 at 7:19PM

    Hi @palacedean

    As described in the introduction – there is a Data Validation code on these cells to ensure that players are recognisable from the Alphabetical players tab.

    There are currently two players named Jota:
    Player Club Value Position
    Jota D WLV 9.0 MID
    Jota J AVL 7.8 MID
    So assuming you want the WLV man, then you’ll need to type Jota D

    Tielemans was not listed in the Sky game yesterday, so will be in my next update.

    Any further issues, just give me a shout.




    Jul 9 at 7:26PM

    Thank you for responding. I’m an idiot and read it completely wrong when reading through it all earlier. Will make sure I double read before asking and bothering you in future.

    Thanks again.

  • @djyoung9

    Jul 27 at 7:31AM

    Hi Ian is there anyway you can send this to me. It’s not letting me download to my ipad

    @Ian Parrin

    Jul 30 at 6:46PM

    Have sent you an email :)

  • @sjfordham

    Jul 31 at 8:57AM

    I can’t seem to get the drop down box for the players to open up. Any ideas?

    @Ian Parrin

    Jul 31 at 12:46PM

    I’ll have a look this evening.


    Jul 31 at 5:21PM

    I have the same issue but only for the first 4 GWs. I have to copy and paste the name of the player I want from one of the lists. When I type the name the data validation message pops up. Nothing major, still pretty easy to use

  • @smclean

    Jul 31 at 6:7PM

    Worth a thank you every season. Great work.

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