Premier League Predicted Lineups | FPL Gameweek 3

Ben Dinnery | Fri 27 Aug 2021
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  • @beckettj2

    Aug 26 at 1:18PM

    Why do you not expect Mahrez to start?

    @Ben Dinnery

    Aug 26 at 1:54PM

    As always, predicting a Pep starting XI is difficult… Guardiola spoke about keeping a winning team and rewarding those who played well, which Jesus did.


    Aug 26 at 4:13PM

    Thanks for the reply, Yes know what you mean, with him only getting 15 minutes and scoring I think he may be in with a chance, I will hang onto him for another GW.

  • @Sander Vergote

    Aug 26 at 2:12PM

    2 questions:
    1) How sure are you about Smith Rowe’s starting position now that Odegaard has come in?
    2) How sure are you about Norwich’s backline? (I’m especially interested in Williams & Omobamidele as they’re both on my bench)

    @Sander Vergote

    Aug 26 at 2:14PM

    If Smith Rowe’s likely to be excluded from the squad, I have Bissouma as a replacement. But Bissouma will stay on my bench if I know that Smith Rowe starts

    @Ben Dinnery

    Aug 26 at 2:26PM

    Never any guarantees and decisions will not be made until after the final session.

    @Sander Vergote

    Aug 26 at 2:20PM

    Also, why do you not expect Kane to start?

    @Ben Dinnery

    Aug 26 at 2:26PM

    Kane starting, or not, could be determined by the Europa game on Thursday evening. Should have a better understanding after that.

    @Ben Dinnery

    Aug 26 at 2:25PM

    There are still question marks over Odegaard and his ability to recover from the cup game… So, that swings it for me in GW3.

    Farke needs to tweak his backline… Williams will have arrived believing he will get minutes. Maybe a little punty, but the win midweek will help.

    @Sander Vergote

    Aug 26 at 2:34PM

    Thx Ben!

  • @Bartłomiej Konik

    Aug 26 at 2:48PM

    White in first XI, why is that?

    @Ben Dinnery

    Aug 26 at 3:10PM

    He won’t be soon… just updating following Mikel Arteta’s press conference.

  • @Daniel Helweh

    Aug 28 at 5:1AM

    How do I see all the lineups? At the moment I can only see a few teams

    @Ben Dinnery

    Aug 28 at 3:7PM

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