Premier League Predicted Lineups | FPL Gameweek 4

Ben Dinnery | Wed 08 Sep 2021
Premier League Predicted Lineups fpl gameweek 4

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  • @squid_lemon

    Sep 9 at 9:34AM

    What makes you think that Doherty will start over Tanganga for Spurs?

    @Ben Dinnery

    Sep 9 at 9:48AM

    Tanganga is starting! Tottenham will be without Romero and Sanchez which means a move to centre-back is likely.


    Sep 9 at 9:49AM

    ……and that’s why you are writing for the FFH and I’m just a random guy commenting on the internet :D

  • @Sander Vergote

    Sep 9 at 11:47AM

    Awesome, thx Ben

    How certain are you about:

    • Son
    • DCL
    • Smith Rowe
    • Raphinha
    • Lukaku

    Seems really hard to find up-to-date & unambiguous info on this

    @Ben Dinnery

    Sep 9 at 12:22PM

    As certain as I can be at this moment in time… The difficulty, as always around the break, is waiting for players to return from international duty. Until that happens, they can’t be assessed by their respective clubs’… As it stands, Raphinha is out though.

  • @Dinmahomed Cassamo

    Sep 9 at 6:31PM

    Amazing content, Ben!

    Just one question: Is Ronaldo, a guaranteed started?

    @Ben Dinnery

    Sep 9 at 8:16PM


    @Ben Dinnery

    Sep 9 at 8:17PM

    The absence of Fred may help… Pogba dropping deeper, but Ole still has lots of options.

    @Ben Dinnery

    Sep 10 at 9:8AM

    …. and thanks btw!

  • @iamthomasyates

    Sep 9 at 11:50PM

    Is this 5-day rule 100% happening then?

    @Ben Dinnery

    Sep 10 at 9:8AM

    At the moment it, but as always…. treat this as a working document that will be updated throughout.

  • @Ben Dinnery

    Sep 10 at 9:7AM

    If Gabriel Jesus is not eligible, then I’m fairly certain Mahrez will start…

    @Dominic Pangrazio

    Sep 11 at 8:49AM

    Thanks for your updates, Ben. Do you think Torres is looking like a likely starter?

    @Ben Dinnery

    Sep 11 at 9:17AM

    Torres deserves to retain his place on form… but there are never any guarantees with Pep!

  • @Simon Oakland

    Sep 10 at 6:30PM

    Hi Ben. Great info btw. Given that there is no guarantee that Ronaldo will start, would you personally risk captaining him over Salah, Jota or even Antonio?

    @Ben Dinnery

    Sep 10 at 11:20PM

    Thanks Simon… even a cameo from Ronaldo could reap the rewards. Liverpool will have a tough game at Leeds, who have a good record vs the Big Six. Tough call.

  • @Sting in the Tail

    Sep 10 at 11:16PM

    I’d expect Jensen to start for Brentford. He is the playmaker and has been badly missed. Janelt or Onyeka will be on the bench.

    @Ben Dinnery

    Sep 10 at 11:21PM

    My only concern is match fitness/sharpness… I know Thomas Franks likes his players to be in tip-top condition. I was thinking minutes from the bench.

  • @zmazhar

    Sep 11 at 12:47AM

    Why doesn’t Emerson Royal start over Doherty?


    Sep 11 at 12:50AM

    Also how certain are you with Kelleher over Adrian?


    Sep 11 at 12:52AM

    And lastly thoughts on Ramsdale over Leno or is it all speculation? Apologies for 3 back to back question but I had over 100 knowing the mess this international break has been.

    @Ben Dinnery

    Sep 11 at 9:19AM

    Irrelevant now… Alisson starts! But I was fairly confident….

    @Ben Dinnery

    Sep 11 at 9:18AM

    Minutes with the squad being my main concern… new environment, club. May need time to settle.


    Sep 14 at 1:2AM

    I was only concerned about these 3 and honestly it feels like Zohair 2 – 0 Ben here. Just kidding, I got lucky and was hoping that these guys start as they were in my FPL drafts because you are where I mostly learn everything about starting 11 from anyways. Thanks for all you do!

  • @James Irlam

    Sep 11 at 4:20AM

    Do we definitely think Podence over Trincao? Have had Trincao in my wildcard team for the last 2 weeks – might have to change that now haha.

    @Ben Dinnery

    Sep 11 at 9:22AM

    Never 100 per cent no… Podence hasn’t had much of a chance under Lage due to injury, but his levels are improving. It all depends on how the new manager rates him. I can’t see Jimenez or Traore being dropped at the moment.

  • @Niyad Vahid

    Sep 11 at 6:51AM

    Help me make this decision please. I have decided on a Premium forwarder starting GW4. Taking off Bruno for obvious reasons and replacing him with the in-form Jota. That frees up money for either CR7 or Lukaku. While I have no doubt on picking the former for the longer run, who would you put your money on for GW4 ? Lukaku’s 90 min vs AVL or Ronaldo’s time on the pitch vs NEW?

    @Ben Dinnery

    Sep 11 at 9:24AM

    I’d be leaning towards the BLUE corner for GW4.

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