Premier League Predicted Lineups | FPL Gameweek 5

Ben Dinnery | Thu 16 Sep 2021
Gameweek 5 predicted lineups fpl


  • @Bartłomiej Konik

    Sep 16 at 1:4PM

    Do we have any information about how long Webster is out?

    @Ben Dinnery

    Sep 16 at 3:48PM

    Not at the moment… likely to be an update tomorrow.

  • @Karim Bakry

    Sep 16 at 8:51PM

    Will trincao start?

    @Hoang Long Nguyen

    Sep 17 at 12:51AM

    He’s 100% gonna start I think

    @Ben Dinnery

    Sep 17 at 9:8AM

    I obviously went with Hee-Chan as a reward for scoring following his introduction.. Wolves first goal + first points of the campaign… but really it is a 50-50 call.

  • @Kagiso Mello

    Sep 17 at 2:46PM

    The big question is will Chilwell finally get that long awaited start Ben?

    @Ben Dinnery

    Sep 17 at 4:33PM

    I would’ve expected more minutes in the Champions League… Suggests Tuchel believes Chilwell is still not ready.

  • @Dominic Pangrazio

    Sep 17 at 9:3PM

    Hi Ben, thanks for the updates. I decided to take the plunge and pay for a subscription to get the latest news on team sheets etc.I check them right up until deadline as it’s the main news I get given that FFH is so tapped in on what’s happening.

    Where was the news about Jack Harrison? Transferred out Benrahma for Harrison last minute at a -4 for 1) a differential 2) the next 4-5 fixtures 3) beat Benrahma’s price drop and gain from an expected price rise of Harrison. This is the most severe impact of any transfer I’ve ever made. Surely there could’ve been a more obvious update about it – absolutely devastated given that I was in the top 20k in the world. Why no news on this?

    Perhaps FFH can have some kind of a live feed about early game team sheets for exactly this situation. I’m just one example but it’s super costly.

    Maybe everyone was worried about Rahpina rumours instead?

    @Ben Dinnery

    Sep 18 at 12:0PM

    Hi Dominic, first of all thank you… The issue we have currently, and this applies across all game weeks and not just this one in particular. During these COVID times, late withdrawals are commonplace and where these cannot be verified ahead of the deadline, as was the case yesterday, we have to treat these rumours exactly as that… Case in point: Raphinha.

    There was no early team news update because there was nothing to say officially… if we posted every rumour, whisper, the line-ups would be changing every five minutes.

    A bold decision btw dropping Benrahma for the hit. He could potentially play in an advanced role with Antonio suspended and I don’t expect United to keep a clean sheet…

    Good luck for the rest of the season, great OR, hopefully, you’ll be pushing for Top 10k very soon!

    @Ben Dinnery

    Sep 18 at 12:18PM

    Although Benrahma is now flagged as a doubt!

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