Should we Sell Antonio in FPL Gameweek 5?

Holly Shand | Mon 13 Sep 2021
Should we keep or sell Antonio for FPL gameweek 5?


  • @David Crutchley

    Sep 13 at 12:2PM

    Leeds, Everton, Spurs and Villa on the horizon are not easy games. Sure, they can all concede but they’re none of them pushovers.
    I had always planned to swap him for Bamford (or Jimenez) this week even without the sending off – I binned Benrahma last week too. West Ham’s European games are just another unknown to throw into the equation. I’d be recommending ditching West Ham assets now, probably moving to Leeds or Wolves (or, at a push, Arsenal, if you must).

  • @Shenoizy

    Sep 13 at 7:55PM

    Thanks Holly, good balanced advice. Probably worth updating that Antonio’s price already dropped to 7.9 this morning so any further drops will impact sale ‘profit’.

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