Telegraph Fantasy Football Gameweek 1 Team Reveal – Fergi

Fergi222 | Fri 13 Aug 2021
telegraph fantasy football best gameweek 1 team


  • @Lofty1

    Aug 8 at 6:53PM

    Excellent article mate. Your drafts here are much improved from your self described (you can insert the word you used on air lol) one shown 8n pre-season TFF podcast. I like the 1st draft with 3 premiums. Easy to swap as they are highest price points. Look forward to more

  • @Lofty1

    Aug 13 at 10:5AM

    Thanks for sharing Andrew. Excellent to read about your tweaked thought process. Yes I’ve set on Ings too. Still unsure on the 3 premiums (harking back to your recent TFF pod) as prefer spread of funds (eg for Tielmans and other better midfielder). Looking forward to season start and your future articles. Thanks for sharing and all the best for season mate

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