Telegraph Fantasy Football Gameweek 5 Team Reveal | Paul McAnulty

Paul McAnulty | Thu 16 Sep 2021
Telegraph Fantasy Football Gameweek 5 Team Reveal

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  • @Lofty1

    Sep 16 at 8:37PM

    Thanks Paul. Good article and sound reasoning behind your transfer ideas / hold selections. I agree with Gallagher – he was a shout out by Carl in the pre-season podcast. I had in my draft squad then let him go…typical! All the best for this game week mate. I’ve already swapped to Chelski / City (Lukaku, Rudiger, James etc)..hoping it yields rewards for my teams. Who is Marcal by the way? I’ve seen his name mentioned a few times.

    @Paul McAnulty

    Sep 16 at 8:41PM

    Thanks mate, and same to you for the week ahead. Marcal plays full back for Wolves, very nice run of fixtures for them now, cheap, and allows upgrades elsewhere when required. If any injuries elsewhere in my team I’ll
    consider a downgrade to him to free up cash. Gallagher always came up on my Sky analysis when at West Brom for his tackling bonus potential, and now he’s added goals and assists he looks like a steal.


    Sep 17 at 2:53AM

    Cheers mate. I’m 40’ish points behind you with my teams, though just made a few transfers that hopefully set me up for the next few gameweeks. If I can stay just the same point difference to you it means I will be going well I reckon. Gone for big at the back and solid goal scorer up front, with balanced midfields in each of my teams. Let’s see what happens eh. Cheers for your article and swift reply.

  • @Redrum

    Sep 18 at 9:40AM

    Hi great article. What are your thoughts on having the big four in a team: Salah, Kane, Ronaldo and Lukaku?

    Right now my team is Sanchez, Christensen, James, Marcel, Dawson, Salah, Gallagher, Raphinha, Kane, Ronaldo and Lukaku. See big four as season keepers and rotate the rest around them. Rank: 1.3k. 31 Transfers left.

    @Paul McAnulty

    Sep 18 at 10:7AM

    Thanks! I think it’s definitely workable if your other midfield options are budget tackle-bonus enablers. I would slow down on the transfers now though.


    Sep 18 at 11:27AM

    Another question if I may. What is your favourite formation and least favourite? Mine used to be 343 but play nowadays with 433 or 451. Is the 343 formation dead in the water now after being one of the most popular years ago?

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