Telegraph Fantasy Football Tips – 2021/22 Rule Change Analysis

Paul McAnulty | Mon 26 Jul 2021
telegraph fantasy tips


  • @Lofty1

    Jul 26 at 7:10PM

    As always Paul a most insightful piece of analysis. Many thanks for th8s and look8ng forward to your next article. These help as they give insight into your thought processes and help to refine my own when considering player pool for this season. Last season, for a while, I tried 5-4-1 but think will revert to 5-3-2 this one. Only my 5th season so still learning

    @Paul McAnulty

    Jul 26 at 7:15PM

    Good to hear Lofty, wishing you all the best for the season!

  • @Lofty1

    Jul 28 at 6:53PM

    Hi Paul. How did you calculate the ratio you refer to in this article please? I have tried and keep coming up with different figures. Maybe I am doing something wrong in my maths?

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