Ian Parrin’s Telegraph Fantasy Football Planner – Premier League 2021/22 Season May Fixtures Update

Ian Parrin | Thu 03 Feb 2022
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  • @Solaris

    Sep 21 at 1:8PM

    Hi Ian,

    Love your spreadsheets – but I’m not getting the total team value to change when I make a transfer. Formula shows as Playing!$B$37 in all column cells – I’m thinking I need to remove the $ signs.

    @Ian Parrin

    Sep 21 at 1:12PM

    Hi Tony,

    Looks like an oversight on my part. I’ll check tonight after work and reload the article.

    Thanks for letting me know.



    @Ian Parrin

    Sep 21 at 5:59PM

    All done :)

  • @tomb1000

    Sep 21 at 2:7PM

    I think you Telegraph transfer plan has a fixed formula in the Value line 31 to Playing $B$37 across all dates that needs correcting. The example tab works fine for this.

    @Ian Parrin

    Sep 21 at 6:0PM

    Thanks for letting me know, all sorted now :)

  • @Phil Williams

    Aug 13 at 4:38PM

    re the Telegraph FFL planner Ian, this sentence in your post of July 27th doesn’t appear to have an operating link:
    You can download Ian’s spreadsheet here. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I’m sure he’ll get back to you.

    @Ian Parrin

    Aug 13 at 4:42PM

    Hi Phil, the link is just above where you read this comment. Hope this helps. Cheers Ian

    @Phil Williams

    Aug 14 at 10:22AM

    Thanks Ian – what a muppet I am.

  • @Mark Paterson

    Sep 19 at 9:0AM

    Hi Ian, I’ve recently subscribed to FFH and I play TFF. I have just tried using you transfer planner for the first time but newly registered players aren’t selectable. Please can you advise how to use the tool? Thanks. Mark

    @Ian Parrin

    Sep 19 at 12:0PM

    Hi Mark,

    This is now fully updated. Please download a new copy and you should be good to go.




    Nov 3 at 5:50PM

    Excellent stuff Mark. How are you enjoying TFF? Have you seen the pods yet n here yet? Ferg8 and crew will be recording another one in upc9ming international break. All the best. Cheers Simon

  • @Lofty1

    Nov 3 at 5:51PM

    Great stuff Ian. I will look 8nto this tonplan ahead.

  • @Lofty1

    Nov 4 at 12:22AM

    Hi Ian,

    Does this link still work? Been trying to download it but seem to be experiencing some difficulty.

    @Ian Parrin

    Nov 8 at 11:7PM

    Hi Lofty, just downloaded the sheet again now myself and it opened up fine. Do you want to give it another try? Cheers Ian

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