The Best Antonio Replacements | FPL Gameweek 5 Tips

RichP_FPL | Mon 13 Sep 2021
The best Antonio replacements FPL

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  • @Lofty1

    Sep 13 at 8:7PM

    Thanks Rich. Helpful article, not just for Antonio but also for considering alternatives to DCL now confirmed out for a wee while.


    Sep 13 at 8:15PM

    Cheers Lofty. I envisage a lot of Antonio/DCL to Bamford this week. Let’s see what the CL/EL results brings to the table!

    @Stewart Pickard

    Sep 14 at 6:50AM

    I’m tempted to keep Antonio. West Ham’s fixtures aren’t terrible after his ban.

    Either way, going to hold my transfers until at least Friday, even if it means losing valve on Antonio.

  • @Metalhorse66

    Sep 14 at 11:27AM

    I’ve just taken a 4 point hit to bring in Lukaku. I had DCL & Antonio who are both out next week. To replace both would obviously cost me -4. Therefore I took the hit to bring in Lukaku to join Ronaldo, Salah, TTA, Greenwood, Torres and Benrahma. I figure that Lukaku’s value will grow as we approach GWs 7&8.

    @Stewart Pickard

    Sep 14 at 12:49PM

    Strong squad.

    Do you not think Greenwood’s output will decrease now Ronaldo is through the middle?


    Sep 14 at 1:10PM

    Absolutely. I toyed with the idea of swapping Greenwood to Jota whilst Firmino is out. But I’m now looking at Chelsea assets from GWs 7/8 instead when the fixture difficulty switches. Hopefully I’ll have a clearer idea by then

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