Harry Kane is staying at Tottenham – What does this mean for FPL?

FPL_JianBatra | Wed 25 Aug 2021
kane staying at tottenham fpl

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  • @colby_

    Aug 25 at 6:49PM

    I think there’s a world where the double-transfer crowd can bring in Kane this week as a captaincy punt (it might be a good week to do that, as there are few great options). So, downgrade, say, Salah this week to accommodate. Then, flip the script in GW5 by removing Kane to re-acquire Salah for captaincy against Crystal Palace. It’s a risk, but I’m considering it.


    Aug 28 at 10:50PM

    Apologies, I didn’t see this earlier but as I said on twitter, you don’t sell Salah. He’s the best asset in the game because he can return regardless of fixture + performance, and has the highest ceiling of anyone.

    Liverpool aren’t operating anywhere near full attacking capacity, but when/if they do he’s irreplaceable.

  • @Lofty1

    Aug 25 at 8:45PM

    Thanks for this deep-dive, insightful analysis. A well-balanced article, that whilst offering your perspective and opinion, does so with data evidentiary support, yet giving us the reader the ability to make our own minds up. Good stuff.


    Aug 28 at 10:48PM

    Really nice comment to receive, thanks mate.

  • @Clive Kenyon

    Aug 26 at 9:26AM

    Excellent article – Thanks.

    From your analysis I presume that if Kane is not worth transferring in, then the same could be said of Lukaku?


    Aug 28 at 10:47PM

    Thank you, appreciate it.

    I’m leaning towards getting Lukaku because with Kane, if he returns Son very often does as well so you have half the points. Lukaku at Chelsea will have a monopoly in terms of attacking returns by the end of the season and there isn’t a substitute as such.

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