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This app is the perfect companion to those that are new to FPL and those that want to improve their rank and defeat their mini league rivals. All the resources you need in one simple app!


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The app has transformed both my understanding and enjoyment of playing Fantasy Football as the analysis and conclusions are extremely well presented and the community is great.


App Store Review

The app has been a game changer. I's been amazing to be able to access such a wealth of data. This is the most useful resource for me as an FPL manager and I'd highly recommend a Hub membership.


App Store Review

This is so useful and user-friendly, you can access all the content in one place and it’s easy to navigate. There is so much content on here, thanks to a great community, and I can't recommend it highly enough.


App Store Review

Description of tools that are available on Fantasy Football Hub's website

Let our tools do the hard work

My Team - powered by AI

Get your team rated, optimise your starting 11, plan transfers and predict points for upcoming Gameweeks.

AI Transfers

Say goodbye to generic and vague 'tips' that have no application to your squad. Our artificial intelligence recommends the best transfer for every Gameweek based on your team.

Mini League Analyser

Keep your friends close and your mini league opponents closer. Use the analyser to see what your rivals are up to.

OPTA Stats

Keen to nerd a bit more on numbers? OPTA Stats feature is the place for you.

Calendars & Planners

Remember when you used to play GTA 3 and found the cheat code for unlimited money? Well, this is similar to that, but better.

Results, not features

Our users love us because we win them their mini-league.* See a sneak peak of the Hub in our demo video.


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