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Fantasy Football Hub is a UK digital content company focused on Premier League fantasy football. It provides subscription access via its website and app to specialist content, big data, analytical tools, predictive algorithms, and expert insights, all designed to help its members win at fantasy football.

The business was founded in 2019 by Will Thomas and backed by industry investors, including Micah Richards the former Manchester City player and well-known TV pundit.

What you'll love about The Hub

  • Fantasy Football Hub is built by fantasy sports veterans and experts - we’ve designed the product that we want to use, everything you need to win at fantasy football in one easily accessible place
  • Our market leading suite of tools, including our new My Team feature - simply enter your team ID to see how your team is rated by our Artifical Intelligence.
  • Our brand new and industry leading app. Everything you need to win at fantasy football in your pocket.
  • Listen to our Green Arrow podcast and watch our YouTube videos. Our pundits dish on everything from the best captain and transfer picks to expert team reveals.

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