How to Build a Sky Fantasy Football Overhaul Team According to Science

Carl | Mon 19 Feb 2018

Dominate at Fantasy Football

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  • @Will Thomas

    Feb 19 at 12:5PM

    Brilliant read Carl. Plenty of food for thought here. That defence could be gold

  • @Hornet

    Feb 19 at 12:54PM

    Great stuff, Carl – many thanks! Just one minor point, FA Cup week is gw 32 in Sky and gw 31 in FPL……confusing!

  • @Hornet

    Feb 19 at 2:29PM

    Are you worried about Gomez and Robertson rotation issues? Jones is back on the injury list again – I’m not sure I trust him to stay fit.


    Feb 19 at 6:55PM

    I do worry about both Gomez and Robertson. So it is a risk. They have started 18 and 14 games respectively so a gamble I’m willing to take. Each person has a different attitude to risk so not for everybody and could fall flat on my face.

    Jones is likely to go given injury/fall out and so a little re-jig is likely.

  • @Ian Parrin

    Feb 20 at 8:45PM

    Terrific stuff Carl – I have plenty of transfer left, so will be looking to optimise 2/3/4 for 1’s after the April TV fixtures and FA Cuo postponements have been arranged.

  • @Dan steward

    Feb 21 at 1:10PM

    How many transfers we all got left people? Is 12 good at this stage?


    Feb 21 at 6:14PM

    I only have 9, but I tend to here 10-12 is fairly good. Just use them wisely

    @Ian Parrin

    Feb 21 at 7:29PM

    Been a distracting season – i still have half of mine to play…

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