Premier League Predicted Lineups | FPL Final Day Gameweek 38

Ben Dinnery | Sun 22 May 2022
premier league predicted lineups FPL

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  • @Richard Piano

    Dec 14 at 9:46AM

    Where have you seen reguilon ruled out? Is there an official source for this info?

    @Ben Dinnery

    Dec 14 at 10:7AM

    Reguilon suffered a thigh strain… He would’ve missed last weekend + limited training and treatment. Difficult to ascertain exactly what’s happening, and the chances are we won’t know until after the FPL deadline. If the game goes ahead, of course.

    @Richard Piano

    Dec 14 at 10:10AM

    Yep that’s exactly why I was asking if you had info others didn’t. Sounds like you think he’s not likely to play, but isn’t 100% ruled out. Thanks Ben!

  • @Jserien

    Dec 14 at 2:6PM

    Any news on Sanchez vs. Steele ?

    @Ben Dinnery

    Dec 14 at 5:13PM

    I didn’t even know that was a thing!

  • @david yoe

    Dec 14 at 5:1PM

    do you think sterling bernardo and foden all play together?
    and please tell me what is red and green block below player name mean.

    @agung agung

    Dec 19 at 7:30AM

    Green they played in previous fixtures. Red not played

  • @Rizwaan Ali

    Dec 23 at 7:6PM

    Any update on Tomiyasu? Arteta not mentioned anything so assuming he is okay?

    @Ben Dinnery

    Dec 23 at 10:35PM

    I’m expecting an update tomorrow, but I’d say he’s 50-50 at the moment… A calf issue, and couldn’t continue at Leeds.

    Dec 25 at 12:29PM

    You have indicated Tomiyasu – 98% for participation. It’s a lot and doesn’t look like 50/50

  • @Hank1022

    Dec 25 at 10:2AM

    Merry Xmas, Ben! Any updates on the Bowen and Reguilon injuries?

    @Ben Dinnery

    Dec 28 at 4:34PM

    Apologies for the delay, you too Hank!

  • @alpal316

    Dec 31 at 11:44AM

    Hi Ben, do you know what the current situation is re Connor Gallagher ? Thanks

    @Ben Dinnery

    Dec 31 at 11:10PM

    Not ruled out completely. Will be given every chance… could be a last-minute decision.

    @Adam Griffiths

    Feb 17 at 11:18AM

    He definitely won’t play it’s his parent club regardless of injury.

  • @nomen illis legio

    Dec 31 at 5:0PM

    Hello! You have one mistake in Liverpool squad: Thiago with an injury but still at the picture.

    @Ben Dinnery

    Dec 31 at 11:9PM

    Thanks, Nomen… Still working on it. And all updated.

  • @Thashwin Harithas

    Jan 14 at 4:1PM

    Hi Ben. Julian jeanvier and tarique fosu from brentford are not in the afcon squad. willy boly from wolves isn’t in as well

  • @SUFCKieran

    Feb 8 at 4:19PM

    Salah look likely to play 60+ mins do you think Ben? I keep taking the armband off (to Jota/Cancelo/Trent) and putting it back on him again!

    @Ben Dinnery

    Feb 8 at 4:48PM

    I do expect his minutes to be managed. 60-70 minutes is realistic under the circumstances. Arrived back in the UK on Monday.

  • @Adam Griffiths

    Feb 17 at 11:19AM

    Connor Gallagher won’t play against his parent club (Chelsea).

    @Ben Dinnery

    Feb 17 at 11:51AM

    Thanks a great spot Adam… thanks for that!

  • @nomen illis legio

    Mar 11 at 2:15PM

    There is the wrong picture about West Ham squad.

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