Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Gameweek 2 – Best Captain

Chris_Tan | Wed 18 Aug 2021
fpl gameweek 2 best captain

Win at Fantasy Football.

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  • @ofloff

    Aug 19 at 12:42PM

    Nice piece Chris, feels very balanced.

    But the Salah EO prediction need some clarification imo. Since he’s owned by 54%, his EO will be maximum 108%, and probably more close to 100, since some will cap Bruno.

    Do you mean in top 10k/100k?


    Aug 19 at 2:45PM

    Thanks offlov,

    Good spot, that was a typo and should have been 100%.

    livefpl tends to use the top 10k (last week it was the top 10k IDs), which is how Salah had a 180% EO on their site for GW1.


    Aug 19 at 3:32PM

    Ah! Cool, then I’m totally with you.

    Around 80% of owners capped him in GW1, so don’t think we’ll se quite 100%, but lets see :)

  • @RubberDucky

    Aug 20 at 9:48AM

    Another great article Chris. In depth and interesting, leaving food for thought for further decisions.


    Aug 20 at 10:30PM

    Thanks RubberDucky

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