Breaking The FPL Template Gameweek 8 Tips

@Hibbo_FPL | Thu 14 Oct 2021
Breaking the FPL Template Gameweek 8


  • @Lofty1

    Oct 14 at 5:57PM

    Thanks for this excellent analysis Hibbo. Really helpful, just from a pers9nal note hope not many read it as it will divulge my secret to climbing the rankings. Ha ha. More seriously, great article with some solid suggestions. What do you think of Ederson though? Say compared to Dias.


    Oct 14 at 6:10PM

    I’m not really a fan of premium goalkeepers usually £4.5m max starting price. In the last I’d have gone less if someone became nailed at a cheaper price. No saves and bonus makes Ederson an expensive R.Sanchez for me.

    Dias I’m really keen on. He looks a nice bit of value still at £6.1m imo.

    I’m on wildcard chances are I go into with at least 3 big defenders. Maybe even four.

  • @Mike108uk

    Oct 14 at 6:55PM

    Thanks for the article. Thoughts on Grealish V Foden?


    Oct 14 at 9:15PM

    Hi Mike, thanks for the comments.

    I had a similar request on Twitter and provided some data on Grealish.


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