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Matthew | Fri 29 Oct 2021
FPL team reveal gameweek 10


  • @brenboy04

    Oct 25 at 3:46PM

    Yup this is the sign matt. Go wildcard !!! :D

  • @asrk2698

    Oct 25 at 4:44PM

    haha im so tempted to WC as well, im just trying to crawl my way to intl break and wc then to prevent any injuries that might occur during the break

  • @zmazhar

    Oct 25 at 8:48PM

    Personally I don’t think you need to wild card at this point. The only diff between our teams is Benrahma (Mbeumo) & Vardy (Ronaldo); even in terms of overall points we are only a couple points apart. I highly doubt you need to wildcard, specially since Raphinha said he’s fine and we never know Christensen might start if he’s rested during the League cup. Don’t force it just yet; though that’s solely my opinion. If you really are wildcarding; I expect better reasoning than what’s mentioned in the article above ;).


    Oct 26 at 6:48AM

    Yeah, I’m not convinced either, just the number of issues may end up forcing my hand


    Oct 28 at 2:58AM

    With all due respect I wasn’t expecting this at all. You still ended up doing it despite agreeing with me specially when Raphinha will be available Sunday and Christensen may start after being rested today.

  • @Hank1022

    Oct 26 at 5:16AM

    Congrats on another great point haul Matthew!

    Between Broja and Hwang which is the better option in terms of value? I’ve already got Hwang but was thinking of getting Broja and save some budget for other future transfers.

    Another question is concerning Ramsdale. Should he remain for the relatively tough 3 incoming fixtures? Raya is an option that I’m considering.


    Oct 26 at 6:47AM

    I don’t know enough about Broja in terms of how nailed on he is, but yeah, he’s cheaper and he’s scored two in two starts, certainly looks another good value option. In terms of Ramsdale, I don’t really like using transfers on keepers unless you’ve literally no other issues

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Oct 26 at 3:16PM

    Hi Matt, congrats on a bumper gameweek score.
    Just wondered why Tielemans isn’t on your Most wanted list, given his excellent returns so far, especially given that he has outscored all your current crop of midfielders with the exception of Benhrahma( who you are looking to ditch anyway) and King Salah and is only 6.4 million.


    Oct 27 at 7:33PM

    I’m not sure that Tielemans’ scoring is sustainable

  • @FPL Comrade

    Oct 27 at 12:34PM

    What about César Azpilicueta, if fit?


    Oct 27 at 7:33PM

    Not for me really

  • @Big Burtha

    Oct 27 at 5:50PM

    Any chance of an actual reveal before Saturday afternoon this week?


    Oct 27 at 7:34PM

    I would think Friday evening after all the press conferences

  • @americansoccernut

    Oct 28 at 11:39AM

    you don’t have any players with rock bottom prices. At first glance you’ll leave a lot of money on your bench. Are you assuming that a lot of your bench players come off each week when your less-guaranteed players like Foden, Chilwell and Cancello don’t play? How often will you need to use 2 or 3 of your bench players?


    Oct 28 at 12:19PM

    Livramento is rock bottom, or was when I got him, White isn’t far off at 4.4, Broja is only 5.0. Nice to have a decent bench though, Xmas rotation is round the corner?


    Oct 29 at 1:9AM

    thanks – that makes sense. And I appreciate your reminder that the holidays are really just around the corner – I need to start shopping now (we have supply shortages in the USA) and I need to get my FPL bench in order!

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Oct 28 at 6:9PM

    hi matt. wasnt aware that broja was in your team, does that mean you are considering him as a replacement for Dennis?

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Oct 28 at 6:12PM

    no would be the answer to my last question,- just seen he’s injured


    Oct 29 at 2:12PM

    Yeah, I was, not now. But maybe a good option when he’s back

  • @Hank1022

    Oct 29 at 3:24AM

    Good luck with the CS… interesting that you haven’t gone with Mount

    With all that remaining budget, don’t you think it makes more sense to get a luxury GK (Mendy, Ederson, or Alisson) who will more probably secure much more CSs instead of Sanchez/Foster?


    Oct 29 at 7:5AM

    He got chilwell who can benefit from CS and attacking return. He also got TAA and Cancelo. Pretty much cover chelsea, man city & Liverpool player. Why should he change the goalkeeper ? The goalkeeper that you mentioned all have 6m ++ price tag. Better to invest in midfield or striker.


    Oct 29 at 2:12PM

    Funny you say that Hank


    Oct 29 at 3:32PM

    Just realized I mistakenly said Good luck with the CS, when I meant to say Good Luck with the WC!

  • @asrk2698

    Oct 29 at 2:44PM

    Damn Ederson Matt, What about sticking with sanchez and using that 1.5m to upgrade vardy to Kane in gw12?

  • @Stir

    Oct 29 at 3:38PM

    Looks like I’m struggling with my current team to fit in Foden, even Havertz by 0.1m. What’s your opinion on Mount instead of Foden?

  • @brenboy04

    Oct 29 at 4:42PM

    Can you update us on your late move here matt ? :D


    Oct 29 at 4:44PM

    I’ll try but sometimes there is news literally minutes before the deadline

  • @Lofty1

    Oct 29 at 6:27PM

    Thanks MAtthew. Your final commentary (where you posted your thoughts “oh hang on….and then that means “ made me laugh! Comparable to the dilemmas and thought processes that we all go through. All the best for the gameweek! Cheers Simon B


    Oct 29 at 6:43PM

    Haha thanks and good luck to you

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Oct 29 at 7:25PM

    does anyone know if ive taken a points hit but then decide to wilcard does the hit remain or get wiped out?


    Oct 29 at 7:31PM

    Hits get wiped out

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Oct 29 at 7:41PM

    thanks matt, how much do you have in the bank after your wildcard?

  • @zmazhar

    Oct 29 at 9:22PM

    Matt, You still haven’t replied to this. As an avid reader who follows you religiously I would appreciate knowing your thought process regarding this: “With all due respect I wasn’t expecting this at all. You still ended up doing it despite agreeing with me specially when Raphinha will be available Sunday and Christensen may start after being rested today.”


    Oct 29 at 9:28PM

    I just felt it was the right time to freshen things up, I don’t know, just a feeling – you’ve got to use it at some point. I’m not a great believer in making swathes of changes in the first wildcard, unless you’ve let your team get into a state somehow.


    Oct 29 at 9:51PM

    Yes and purely for those reasons I am
    still holding onto it haha. I feel using it might do more damage then good at this point as I am still very happy with the core and nothing a transfer or two can’t fix.

    @Ti Henders

    Oct 29 at 10:17PM

    But I don’t see your updated team after the WC? Where can I see that?

  • @Mark Sims

    Oct 29 at 10:12PM

    I’ve religiously followed you trying to make some cash at the work fantasy league (currently 5th out of 700!). I’ve not got as much cash as you however, didn’t forsee the foden/vardy transfers so cash flows aren’t the same. Just tried to wildcard and I’m 0.4m short – where do you reckon you’d swap in my position? Cheers mate, keep up the good work


    Oct 30 at 9:43AM

    Revert to Sanchez keeper I guess, may give you more cash in reserve

  • @Hank1022

    Oct 30 at 12:53AM

    Final thoughts: A lot of managers have gone with benching Mbeumo as he might start from the bench or come off early in case he starts, any intentions in doing so for your team?

  • @Trent Paul

    Oct 30 at 1:51AM

    Reserve the wildcard! Haven’t changed enough in my eyes.

  • @Krobocop

    Oct 30 at 5:58AM

    Hi Matt, I’m a bit surprised with the Ederson move. That makes it more difficult to get Kane or Son on gw 12. Any thoughts?


    Oct 30 at 9:44AM

    I have a couple of ways in mind to get either


    Oct 30 at 6:8AM

    I like the wildcard as its the same 15 i have except for Ederson Brownhill White and Toney. Getting Toney next week though. Good luck!

  • @werdnatrebor11

    Oct 30 at 8:17AM

    Hi Matt just interested to know how much do you have left in your bank after wildcarding?


    Oct 30 at 9:34AM


  • @brenboy04

    Oct 30 at 8:55AM

    1 hour to go. Any changed you made to the lineup matt .?


    Oct 30 at 9:34AM

    Not yet!


    Oct 30 at 9:54AM

    6 minutes to go. :D

  • @Elephant321

    Oct 30 at 9:6AM

    Thanks Matthew, another really enjoyable article. Certainly captures the internal struggle of “do I / don’t I”. A little surprised you’ve gone for Ederson. Didn’t think you were a fan of investing in GK or a fan or changing goalkeeper. Though can see the logic that it’s probably as close to getting an 11th outfield player as you can get as he can get the odd assist in a season. Just makes it harder to switch to a Son / Kane for GW 12 – though Spurs and Kane still haven’t shown form yet and there’s no guarantee that switch will flick in the next few weeks. I’m leaning more towards investing in Mount and keeping Sanchez though still debating as the clock ticks down!!! Do I or don’t I! Best of luck with the gameweek! Cheers


    Oct 30 at 9:35AM

    I’ve got a couple of options in mind to get Son or Kane, although Spurs would need to show something first.

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