FPL Gameweek 15 Team Reveal | Rich Clarke

@RichClarke | Fri 03 Dec 2021
fpl gameweek 15 team reveal


  • @Gheorghe Manea

    Dec 3 at 10:41PM

    How come you are not playing Smith Rowe?


    Dec 3 at 10:49PM

    Got too strong a bench George – have to make some decisions over who to leave out. I think he has been over-performing his Xg (though I don’t give too much boa to this normally) and with Foden and James back I have to bench him.


    Dec 4 at 3:58AM

    Yeah with Everton in the baddest of forms right now, I think ESR could play instead of Antonio..

  • @Abhinav Shankar

    Dec 4 at 4:22AM

    rich – in a similar conundrum on Toney vs Antonio – what’s your thinking there?


    Dec 4 at 10:3AM

    Not much between them to be honest. I just feel West Ham are the better side and can score at home. I think Leeds, with Bamford back, will beat Brentford.

  • @ronaldez

    Dec 4 at 7:11AM

    Are you not worried about (c) and (vc) players in the same game? I remembered that lesson with Covid last season but the Bur-Spurs game was a big reminder that, already rare, maybe it’s better to err on the side of caution.


    Dec 4 at 10:4AM

    Not particularly. The game is 3pm Saturday and if at risk would be highlighted now. there is also no weather warnings or anything. I get the point, but on this occasion I’m just covering the Liverpool attack in case of an issue with Salah.

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