FPL Gameweek 3 Team Reveal | Adam Hopcroft

adam.hopcroft | Fri 27 Aug 2021
FPL Gameweek 4 team reveal

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  • @Firetog

    Aug 27 at 10:3AM

    Oh no, you were my confirmation bias for holding on to the veltman/white partnership and now you’ve broken ranks. I’m sticking with my plan and going scrape by this weekend with Livramento as my 3rd playing defender. A good read btw.

  • @Andrew Baker

    Aug 27 at 10:6AM

    Great write-up and analysis of your thought process. Cheers Adam

  • @Aniket Rai

    Aug 27 at 10:46AM

    Good read. Liked it even more as my team happens to be an exact replica of yours and the same applies for our Total Points :|

    I’ve switched Barnes for Benrahama and was rushed into getting Livramento for Tsimikas (I now realize it was needless wastage of 1 FT)

    Since I now have made an error, I am sticking with Livramento as my 3rd defender and keep TAA on the bench. I hope he doesn’t scores a Free Kick which will leave me with no option than to go Full Mourinho on my chair.

  • @Lofty1

    Aug 27 at 8:38PM

    Great article Adam. Really enjoy listening to the Green Arrow (now that I can do thanks to my amazing cochlear implant!). Enjoyed reading this article and welcome to the 5AM club – iut really is the best time of the day. Look forward to more article from you. Cheers

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