FPL Gameweek 38 Review and Reaction – City Champions, Son Hauls

David Wardale | Sun 22 May 2022

Win at Fantasy Football.

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  • @ronaldez

    May 26 at 4:41AM

    pulchritudinous = physically beautiful, comely (adj)

    Just for those who were confused about DCL vs Pickford… :-D

    Many thanks for writing these articles throughout the season, really liked them and found them useful because it wasn’t always useful to watch all the matches myself. They were infinitely more useful from an FPL perspective than your average match report and more fun to read than looking at a table of stats.

    Have a good summer off!

    @David Wardale

    May 26 at 9:47AM

    Many thanks. Always fun to write, if time-consuming. Glad you found them useful. Have a great summer yourself and see you on the other side!

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