What will Cristiano Ronaldo (£12.5m) at Manchester United mean for FPL Managers? | Fantasy Premier League Tips 2021/22

Chris_Tan | Tue 31 Aug 2021
Ronaldo FPL Man United


  • @Lofty1

    Aug 27 at 8:29PM

    Great article Chris and thanks for this. Gee lots of thinking over the international break eh


    Aug 28 at 7:22AM

    Thanks Lofty,

    Enjoy the break, it’s a long season!

  • @PurpleDog

    Aug 28 at 2:27AM

    Chris, thanks for another thoughtful article. I can take a -8 to get to my WC team. Is that preferable to using the WC?


    Aug 28 at 7:27AM

    Thanks PurpleDog,

    if you can get to your WC team with a -8 then I’d strongly consider it or even phasing it over 2 weeks so it’s a -4.

    we have a fixture swing GW4, then another GW7/8 so if you can get in a good position for those then the hits should pay off. The next fixture swing after that is around GW15 and that’s where you could gain an advantage over the early wildcarders.

    Also, looking at the likely DGW slots and assuming you still have your bench boost then it’s looking like the second WC won’t be used until the end of the season. If you use your first WC early, it’s a long gap until the second. I’m still probably going to WC around GW7 but like you, I’m only a few moves away from some of the drafts out there.

  • @dla76er

    Aug 31 at 6:24PM

    I expect ownership % will force peoples hands on this one..

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