Telegraph Fantasy Football Gameweek 3 Team Reveal | Paul McAnulty

Paul McAnulty | Wed 25 Aug 2021
telegraph fantasy football gameweek 3 team reveal


  • @Lofty1

    Aug 25 at 8:39PM

    Thanks Paul for this. Well done on the solid start. My main team got 53 points and still happy with my fast start (top 10k which is unlike me). When are you th8nk8ng of moving to Lukaku? Also intrigued 8nto your th8nking beh8nd him over, say Kane. Will you still hold 9nto Antonio? All the best for this coming gameweek

    @Paul McAnulty

    Aug 26 at 2:19AM

    Cheers Lofty, I always play the extra games as well as fixtures, so the z5.30
    game after International Break with the extra game looks optimal to me, Kane plays earlier so you miss the extra game

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