Telegraph Fantasy Football Gameweek 7 Team Reveal | Paul McAnulty

Paul McAnulty | Fri 01 Oct 2021
telegraph fantasy football gameweek 7 tips


  • @Lofty1

    Oct 1 at 6:46PM

    Thanks for your article Paul. Tricky week for us all eh, hopefully this next one will be better, I do like the strategic thinking that you have shared here, and your tactics of jumping onto Chelski make good sense. With all the surgery you are doing, I’m stoked that you are holding onto one of your Seagulls – good ole Biss (it really surprises me that none of the bigger clubs have looked to prise him away, as like Phillips and Rice he is excellent consistently). All the best and look forward to your next article. By the way will you be on the TFF Pod over the break?

    @Paul McAnulty

    Oct 1 at 11:46PM

    Thanks mate. I don’t think so, they have the regular set up which worlds for them and I do the Sky pods so keep myself busy. I’ll be doing a pts / game / £m article soon for TFF, likely in the next international break though

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