10 Things we Learned From FPL Season 2021/22

David Wardale | Thu 26 May 2022

Win at Fantasy Football.

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  • @ZaberDust

    May 29 at 9:27PM

    Good article – thanks. Agree with all you say, except Bench Boost. I have found that its use has been a great differentiator for me. We must keep it!

    @David Wardale

    May 30 at 4:54PM

    Glad you liked it. Bench Boost has failed me for reasons that are entirely my fault. So it’s personal. I suspect it’s going nowhere. By the way, your other post about another comment not showing up…was that this one? If so, problem solved. If not…?

  • @ZaberDust

    May 29 at 9:28PM

    I made a comment – but it did not appear on the page! I am logged in. Trying this now…

  • @ronaldez

    May 31 at 4:10PM

    Are there any good FPL websites that can help you review your season to see where it went terribly wrong? Although I guess it doesn’t take a genius to figure out it was using a Bench Boost when Burnley had their first double GW. And going Kane over Son for the last 10 GWs!

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