• @Lofty1

    Sep 16 at 8:7PM

    As always mate, a thoroughly insightful analysis. The quality of this narrative article is exceptionally high. Enjoy your articles and looking forward to your next one. Hope your teams are doing as well as your articles! Cheers


    Sep 28 at 2:36AM

    Sorry mate I don’t know why I missed this. Thanks for the kind words and support as always.

    Yes, I’ve had a successful start to the season and I hope you are flourishing as well.

    If you ever have a query, send me over a message and we can discuss whatever it is!

  • @ronaldez

    Sep 27 at 9:17PM

    Excellent read as always JianBatra! I like how you don’t totally spoonfeed us with a first XI but give us the odd alternate choice like Sarr vs Gray.

    I’d be interested to read an update of this Wildcard article for GW7. It’s probably a small coincidence that I’ve hit the WC button! :-)


    Sep 28 at 2:40AM

    Glad you liked it, and thank you for the kind words.

    That may potentially be released later this week, however I can’t promise it mate, feel free to DM me on twitter if not. I’ll give you a summary of what I believe to be the best prospective Wildcard

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