Fantasy Football Gameweek 16 & 17 Tips and Team Reveals | Fergi

Fergi222 | Wed 08 Dec 2021
Fantasy football gameweek 16 tips

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  • @Lofty1

    Dec 9 at 6:7PM

    Really nice article Fergi. Great to see all your teams going well in all formats (it’s tricky juggling them all eh). In TFF I’m unsure what to do about Son, but it’s all OK as TFF is a long-term game and easy to hold the transfer to wait for more information. I like the moves you suggest for your teams in TFF and the other formats. Going to be an exciting next few Gameweeks eh
    Cheers Simon B

  • @Lofty1

    Dec 9 at 6:9PM

    Though just calculated, that’ll be 6 transfers used in TFF if you want to remove Chelski players & Salah & then bring them all back in again. And that’s without any injuries or other disruptions. Good to hold back lots of transfers!

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