Fantasy Football Gameweek 27 Tips and Team Reveals | Fergi

Fergi222 | Fri 25 Feb 2022


  • @AndrewBa

    Feb 25 at 1:37PM

    What’s going on with the app Fergi? Not been able to view articles for the past two days.


    Feb 25 at 1:43PM

    I think it’s a bug on this new site.
    Try doing a hard refresh.
    Or logging out and in again.


    Feb 25 at 3:4PM

    Cheers Chris. Still no luck. All the tools work, just can’t view articles.

  • @Mobsta007

    Feb 25 at 4:3PM

    Yep nothing seems to be working on web and app even after reinstall

  • @ham34mer

    Feb 25 at 5:35PM

    Same :( – can’t view articles!

  • @deviltoe

    Feb 25 at 6:25PM

    I hope its not because you have to upgrade membership.

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