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Abdul Rehman | Sun 08 Aug 2021
fantasy football tools and stats

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  • @Wight Bear

    Jun 25 at 5:16AM

    On the fixture ticker advanced setting, what’s the difference between predicted results and opponent difficulty?

  • @Mustafa Kamal

    Jul 22 at 2:8PM

    Hi. Where can i see player heatmaps? ☺️


    Jul 28 at 10:21PM

    Just in case you didn’t find it yet:
    Go to the OPTA stats tool and in the player list you’ll see a blue circle with an i in it (in front of the team name), click that ;)

  • @Lofty1

    Jul 29 at 12:43AM

    Thanks Abdul. All these tools are really super helpful and excellent. I sue these by cross-checking against each other to check my thoughts and decision-making processes. Yet anther reason why the Hub really is THE best fantasy football website!. Thanks team and all involved

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